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How to ruin an otherwise damn good phone - or my OnePlus 3 Review

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I don’t get it. No, seriously! I really don’t get it! Neither OnePlus nor, more importantly, all the high praise from all the so called ‘authorities’ on smartphones.

To be fair – AnandTech got it right.

The all new Flagship Killer from OnePlus is a damn good phone completely ruined by a shitty display; and by shitty, I’m being polite.

With an awesome build quality, it’s one of the rare phones nowadays that you actually want to hold in your hands; you just want to love it – but the moment you turn it on you immediately want to bang your head against the … well, the actual phone.

The display is terrible! And I’m not just talking about the resolution here.

They delivered a great phone with a good camera that allows you to save images in DNG format and it was all in vain because all you can use the display for is as a prime example of a shitty display, but not for assessing pictures and not at all for editing them.

Where do I begin? Let me put it this way: I’ve got 50-buck Chinese made phones lying around here that have a better display!

I tried to take pictures that don’t look like I deliberately ruined them, so you can see for yourself; this is the fair balanced I managed to accomplish:

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It’s all washed out, blue shifted as hell, I have problems using the word ‘brightness’ when talking about it and the colors, well – I can’t use that word either.

Anyone that orders 10.000 business cards online for $4.99 would return them if the colors turned out that awful, and the moment you rotate it just two degrees to one side all you see is a blue-greenish blur.

So, why do all the reviews, reviewers, and websites rave on about the OnePlus 3 and only one single person – who then gets booed at – calls it how he sees it?

And that’s the important part. You have to see it. The moment you turn it on.

Does saving a couple of hundred bucks make people really that blind?

It’s such a shame. And I know for a fact that a much better display wouldn’t have cost OnePlus a single dime more – so why the hell did they go with this complete and utter failure of a display?

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I guess they’ve settled, like the rest; just quicker and that’s unfortunate. Or wise, since people clearly don’t seem to care.

Well, I do. Unfortunately for me, I know; since it means I have to return it. And the quest for a really good phone continues…

I’d settle for the OnePlus 3 with the display form of the MI5 in a blink of an eye. That would be the perfect phone for me. I’d also take the iPhone 6S running Android, by the way :–)


windOCD, the MenuAndDockless replacement is available!

windOCD Screenshot Menubar

Oh. No. Windows.
Yes, even when working with a Mac you have to deal with windows all day long.
So, why not just put them in their places?

windOCD Screenshot Shortcuts

One Tool to find them.
Arrange, align, and move all your windows with a snap of the fingers.
No need for a mouse or to open yet another window first.

windOCD Screenshot Applications

One Tool to bring them all.
Clutter is the enemy of any productive work and creativity.
With windOCD you can bind all your windows closely; directly from the start.


Menu bar application
Does not show up in your dock
Native standalone macOS application
No hack, no tweak, no plugins required
Keep your system integrity protection intact

Align, arrange, move any window to your needs
Save default window frames for unlimited applications
Restore those positions/sizes at any time by shortcut or menu
Saved applications can restore those positions/sizes automatically when they start
Use customisable global shortcuts for the alignment, save, and restore actions
Small footprint, works for non-native applications like Photoshop or Word too

Replaces the awesome MenuAndDockless on Macs running macOS Sierra and above

Download windOCD
windOCD Website


Control Spotify with your Mac’s Keyboard Media Keys

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I haven’t used iTunes for years now. But I constantly launch it by accident because I hit one of the ‘Media Keys’ on the keyboard.

I found a way to disable it and the added benefit is that now you can ‘Play/Pause/Next/Previous’ Spotify in case it is already running.

All you have to do is to open the Terminal and copy and paste following command:

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/ 2> /dev/null

Please note that /dev/null means your flushing it down the digital toilette; so only do this if you know what you are doing and you really don’t want to control iTunes anymore!


The Daily Ollerum

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The (almost) Double Lottchen

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Who would have thought?

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It is fucking unbelievable! There is actually an alternative for the ugly, old, and feature-creepy Thunderbird available. Who would have thought that there are people out there able to write functioning, good-looking, and well thought out software for Linux?

Yes, as it turns out – it is actually possible to write decent open source software that’s not ugly as hell and usable without getting lost in the underbelly of the Terminal! So, start taking notes!

Nylas N1 – The extensible, open source mail app.

And could someone now (and finally) please just write a decent Twitter client, a decent calendar app with CalDav, and a Free alternative for Linux; so that I can finally use my beloved, ugly, clunky ThinkPad for everything not Mac and Xcode?