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What had never occurred to me, until I sat in front of his open email account, is how objectionable I find that attitude. Every one of us is entrusted with information that our family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances would rather that we kept private, and while there is no absolute obligation for us to comply with their wishes—there are, indeed, times when we have a moral obligation to speak out in order to defend other goods—assigning the privacy of others a value of zero is callous.

This Man Has Nothing to Hide—Not Even His Email Password

Why I currently (and once again) hate Apple

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I know, there are many developers out there that give a shit about those details; many of them write apps for Windows and Linux or work for Adobe but many Mac developers, besides me, care. UI elements have to be aligned pixel perfect.

Often I spend hours in front of an UI rearranging elements, checking them with goldenRATIO and xScope, moving buttons and views a thousand times until it is perfect.

And then comes Apple and all your work is down the toilet. The worst thing is, I can now either leave it that way so that it will still work under 10.7 – 10.9 or I can decide that it only works under 10.10 and all the other users are screwed. And no, working with two NIBs or adjusting each and every view based on the used system is not an option.

Thanks Apple for making it unnecessarily complicated, once again…

The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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Update for SimpleEdit with improved support for Swift available

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I’ve just uploaded a new version of SimpleEdit with improved support for Swift and, of course, also submitted the Mac App Store counterpart for review at the same time…

SimpleEdit Website
Download SimpleEdit
SimpleEdit on the Mac App Store

The (multiple) Ollerum

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FolderPlayer for Yosemite

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I’ve just uploaded the latest version of my FolderPlayer with added support for the latest OS X Yosemite Developer Preview…

FolderPlayer Website
Download FolderPlayer

Yosemite Retina Wallpapers

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Yosemite Retina Wallpaper 1

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Yosemite Retina Wallpaper 6

MenuAndDockless for Yosemite Alpha

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Today Apple released the latest Developer Preview of Mac OS 10.10, also know as Yosemite. Unfortunately it causes problems for the most important piece of software of mine:


It works for all apps except for the Finder. The moment you restart the Finder it will crash. The last couples of hours I tried to understand what the heck is going on and to find a way how to fix it. To be honest, I still don’t completely know why :-0

If you like you can download a very first and very quick and very, very dirty solution. You will have to manually drop it into your SIMPL plugins folder for now…

Download MenuAndDockless for 10.10 (Alpha)

The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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I’m a dinOSaur

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In order to do my job I always have to buy the latest Macs, iPads, iPhones, software, and other gadgets. But, actually, I don’t like new things that much. I’m a loyal and old soul. I like my old car, I like my old furniture, I like my old books, my old records, and my old Technics. I like old things in general; things that hopefully will outlive me.

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And yes, I like my old Macs with their old system and their old software. Some of them I still like better than all those newfangled thingies.

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When I’m not working on apps or cuddling with Ollerum I’m writing. And I still do that on an old iBook G3 with the best word processor ever written: WriteNow. I like my own Write; otherwise I wouldn’t have written it. But there is quality to it when writing with ‘old’ tools, no new Mac and no new piece of software is able to exude.

Since the last update for Mozilla that runs under OS 9 was published in 2003 and since there is no Twitter client for OS 9 it is the perfect distraction free writing environment. If I didn’t have to be careful with my hands and wrists (12-16 hours of coding and building apps and answering support emails each day inevitably leads to musculoskeletal problems) I would probably still use a typewriter.

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But the best part about using and working with ‘old’ things is the fact that you can easily repair them on your own. All you need to repair your car is a hammer and a screwdriver for your computer. Since there are more people like me, you can actually replace the loud and slow hard drive in your iBook G3 with a new SSD; which I did today.

Now it takes OS 9 only one minute to start up instead of three. WriteNow opens faster than Write and Co on the latest MacBook Pro. Back then, they knew how to write software.

The only new thing I like is backlit keyboards. I really wish for a way to add this to my beloved iBook from 2001, which is still working. To be fair, I had to replace the logic board recently and the battery is dead. But as said before: All you need is a screwdriver and some replacement parts and it will hopefully continue to work for the next decade…

The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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Colors, everywhere! With Colors PRO

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I’ve managed to write a Color Picker Plugin that enables you to access all colors, palettes and schemes stored in the Colors application. Unfortunately, such a plugin bundle is not allowed anymore to access the file system in order to load the Colors Application library and to ‘listen’ for changes to that library.

I’ve found a workaround but unfortunately this won’t work for a sandboxed Mac App Store app; or in other words: Such an app will never pass the review.

Therefore, I had to write another version: Colors PRO. It comes preloaded with the bundle, allows you to store your library in your Dropbox or BitTorrent Sync folder and, under the upcoming Yosemite, even in your iCloud Drive.

Now you can have your colors, palettes, and schemes everywhere. For example in Pixelmator and Co; including search for their names, titles, descriptions, and their HEX and RGB values.

It is like Tangerine, just better :–)

As always, feedback is much appreciated…

Colors PRO Website
Download Colors PRO
Purchase Colors PRO

The Colors Application Color Picker Plugin Bundle

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Yes, I’m aware that Colors Application Color Picker Plugin Bundle is a really stupid name. But that is not the biggest problem I have right now.

I found a solution to write such a plugin that can display all your Colors Application Colors, Palettes and Schemes within the OS X Color Picker. This way you can access them from Pixelmator, Sketch and Co.

But such a plugin bundle is not allowed to access the file system. So I had to come up with an ingenious workaround. But since Colors is sandboxed this means that my solution will most likely not pass the review.

I will try anyway, tough…