10 Years of Making Apps

Candid photos of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others

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Early, candid photos of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other tech titans

Of course, Adobe!

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Of course, Adobe, differs the script for sending/setting colors between Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s the same task, but hey – why actually bother and tell anyone. They will figure it out eventually after wasting hours with banging their heads against the display…

Click To Pick

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Yes, there are color pickers out there for creating color schemes. Yes there are color pickers out there for iOS and Mac developers. Yes, there are color pickers out there for web developers. And yes, there are color pickers out there for storing individual color palettes.

But not a single one is perfect. Not a single one combines all those things in a usable and sophisticated way. Not a single one allows dragging images to analyze theme and to directly save the color scheme. And not a single one is iCloud (or Dropbox) enabled so that you can access your up-to-date-colors from any Mac.

So you end up with at least three to five different more or less useful color pickers in your application folders.

Last night I had enough and decided to put an end to that misery. As you can see it is still in its infancy but when I’m finished it will, at least for me, replace multiple apps…

Things I should better not do for a living

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Today: Creating cover art for mix tapes


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Stunning Wild Fox Photography By Roeselien Raimond

The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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I want one of these

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A clock made of concrete and an unfinished wood oak…

The MOAK Clock

Planetary Panoramas

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Planetary Panoramas – 360 Degree Night-Sky Time-Lapse

That’s how you take selfies

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Self-Portraits by Martín De Pasquale

The Monthly Funka

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Quote of the day

Ignorance is the parent of fear.

Herman Melville

In my spare time…

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…when Ollerum is asleep I’m working on an all new version of my browser. Instead of just taking the ‘old’ code and only adding a little polish I decided to start from scratch. There will also be a ‘paid’ version that offers password protection and that stores all history, bookmarks, and all the other stuff encrypted.

I’ve named that version SubRosa and you will never have to worry about forgetting to turn on the porn mode again :–)

THE TICKER update hits the Mac App Store

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Last night Apple approved the latest THE TICKER update. This update features an improved I HATE EXCERPTS ™ parser, fixes a crash when a website isn’t a website but a PDF, adds the option to name the flag labels, adds support for the upcoming OS X Yosemite and I’ve improved the fonts for a better reading experience. I’ve also done lots of other boring stuff under the hood to improve the performance and the scrolling …

THE TICKER on the Mac App Store