10 Years of Making Apps

Update for Colors (PRO) available

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I’ve just uploaded the latest version of Colors PRO and submitted the Mac App Store version of Colors for review. This update adds support for the upcoming Mac OS 10.10, improves the compatibility with Xcode and fixes some GUI glitches under Yosemite.

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I’ve also updated the Color Picker Plugin of the PRO version. It will update itself automatically once you start the new version. You will have to restart any open Mac App of the changes to the plugin to take effect.

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The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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Analysis of global population by origin

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The Skater Ollerum

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The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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Updates for ookkeeaapp PRO and MINI available!

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With ookkeeaapp PRO and MINI I’ve updated my last applications to fully support Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite). I’ve also directly added support for 2015 and since it is not a complete major rewrite like I did with Umsatz it is a free update.


And yes, the Mac App Store version got updated as well but currently it takes at least one week for Apple to approve apps…

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Update for Bill 2 available

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I’ve just uploaded the latest version of Bill 2. I’ve added support for the upcoming Mac OS 10.10.1, fixed some UI glitches under Yosemite and fixed the formatter bug in the German localization.

Please keep in mind that Bill 2 is a paid upgrade to Bill 1 and that in order for the new features to work your database will be upgraded and that there is no way back. So, only run it if your really want to update Bill 1 to Bill 2.

BTW: Bill 2 won’t be available on the Mac App Store, Apple even doesn’t answer anymore to my attempts to find a solution to their rejection and sandbox issues :–(

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The (currently not so) Daily Ollerum

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Not available on the App Store

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The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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Want your Lucida Grande back?

There’s a script for that!

An Automator/Apple-script to use ‘Lucida Grande’ as system font on OS X Yosemite

Here is a prime example why developers are leaving the Mac App Store

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We have no paid updates on the App Store. By Apple’s design. We are even not allowed to tell people that there is a demo version available in the description or the app gets rejected. If we try to find solutions for many shortcomings of the Mac App Store we end app with crap like this.

For one (of my own apps) it is ok to read out old data from the old version – its called an upgrade – and to keep up compatibility with the demo and the non-MAS version and the other gets rejected.

I don’t have a problem with sandboxing in general. I think it is a good idea and wherever possible, I even do this for non-MAS apps.

My actions here do not harm the users, the exceptions are completely limited to what is appropriate and again, other apps passed the review this way just fine.

This is complete and utter bullshit, once again. And the list of this crap is long, so long.

And to be honest, I don’t care anymore!

If Bill 2 can’t pass the review this way, I will not show up on the Mac App Store. End of Story! 40 percent more money for me, better features for the users in the next version, and most importantly: faster updates and better support for everyone.

If that’s what you want Apple, you can have it!

You can clearly live without Bare Bones, Panic, and all the others. You can most certainly live without me small(er) number.

But guess what? We did just fine without you for decades and we can do it again!

Reminder: MOApp Apps and their Mac OS 10.10 and iOS 8 Compatibility Status

App Name Compatibility
Colors ✅ (written under 10.10)
Bill 2 ✅ (written under 10.10)
Free ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
Write 2 ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
SimpleEdit ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
CocoaBox ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
Quick and Dirty ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
THE TICKER ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
TypeDrill ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
TypeTeach ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
FolderPlayer ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
AppLauncher ✅ (already updated for 10.10)
MenuAndDockless ✅ (alpha version for 10.10 available)
Dammit ✅ (works with 10.10)
goldenRATIO ✅ (works with 10.10)
TaskNotes ✅ (works with 10.10)
Pin ✅ (works with 10.10)
Steps ✅ (works with 10.10)
SecureWords ✅ (works with 10.10)
TextToGo ✅ (works with 10.10 and iOS 8, some UI limitations)
WriteToGo ✅ (works with 10.10 and iOS 8, some UI limitations)
SecureTexts ✅ (works with 10.10 and iOS 8, some UI limitations)
Recipes 🆗 (works with limitations, is yet not ready)
Diary 🆗 (works with limitations, is yet not ready)
ookkeeapp (PRO, MINI) ❌ (sorry, not yet updated but it is usable though)
Umsatz (Pro, Standard, Mini) ✅ (pre-builds of Umsatz 2015 available, you can read more about it here)

I’ve worked my ass off for the last couple of months - 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week - to get my apps ready on time.

Most apps support up to four different systems now, including massive changes and differences under and for 10.10 and two different pixel densities. This all had to be tested, adjusted and then tested again.

Except for Umsatz, you can safely use all my apps under 10.10 and I’ve ensured that Umsatz won’t start under Yosemite so that your data is safe.

In case you find any bugs or glitches related to Apple’s latest version of OS X – please let me know.

But please also understand that many things have nothing to do with the apps itself but with the system. Every new version of OS X has been buggy and Yosemite is no exception; not at all…