10 Years of Making Apps

Write 2 is ready for Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite)

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Today I’ve released the latest version of Write 2 featuring added support and improvements for the upcoming Mac OS 10.10, also know as Yosemite. It is a free update for all existing Write 2 users/owners and should you still work with myWritings, there is a crossbreed for a reduced price available.

Write 2 is a cute lightweight word processor for our daily writing tasks. It is fast, clean, intuitive to use and has a native (Mac-like) and uncluttered interface. It’s the word processor for the rest of us. For those who just simply want to write and for all those missing WriteNow :–)

Write 2 Website
Download Write 2
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The most important button in Yosemite

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Bug fix update for Bill 2 available

Today I’ve released an important bug fix update for the all new Bill 2 and you really should install it :–)

Bill 2 Website
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The Sweet Ollerum

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Bill 2 (pre-release) available!

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Apple will release Mac OS 10.10, also know as Yosemite, any week now and I’m working for months now to get all my ducks in a row.

Tired, but happy I can announce that Bill 2 will be ready on time; at least the Non-MAS version since the Mac App Store version still needs some work regarding all the problems with the sandbox and other requirements.

If you like, you can already download and upgrade to Bill 2. It is feature complete, stable and hassle-free but for the official release there is still lots of dull work to do, like updating the help, the manual, the website etc.

Bill 2 comes with many, many improvements such as:

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You can now directly switch the design on the fly in case you send out invoices in different languages and currencies or if you want to use different layouts for quotes, invoices, and reminders.

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You can now create, with just one simple step, invoice templates out of existing invoices.

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And all it takes now to send out recurring invoices is to select the desired template and hit return.

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And since there is an unbelievable amount of people out there really writing invoices on multiple Macs you can now use the iCloud Drive, the Dropbox, BitTorent Sync or any other solution to store your database in the cloud or or on your NAS.

This also means that one fine day there may be a Bill version for iPad and/or iPhone too :–)


Download Bill 2 (pre-release) for Mac OS 10.7 – 10.10

The (currently not so) Daily Ollerum

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And YES! Bill 2 will work on multiple Macs

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And YES! Bill 2 will work on multiple Macs. Finally :–)

Bill Website

The Sleepy Ollerum

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The New Bill 2 Icons

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The new app icon.

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The new toolbar icons.

The (currently not so) Daily Ollerum

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Editor and Hack - or I have come a long way

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Today I had to find some line of codes I wrote over a decade ago. I did not find the code but a backup of my very first applications. Yes, that’s right. Application, not app :–)

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Should you still own a PPC Mac, running 10.2, you can download Editor and Hack and go down memory lane with me. Looking at them and actually using them on an old iBook G3 was a lot of fun today.

And they both clearly show that I’ve remained true to myself and my roots. I always tried and still try to write very simple, very reduced apps that do one thing and only one thing; as good as possible.

But I also realized another thing: I have not only come a long way but I’ve also gotten old. I started writing those apps almost twelve years ago :–)

Download Editor and Hack

The quote of the day

The “internet” is just a series of tubes, connecting us to miserable assholes from around the world.

T.C. Sottek, Say hello to men who hate NSA spying but love invading the privacy of women

Apple, not only bringing you boobs and asses…

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…but as of next week the credit card details and medical history of Jennifer, Kate, and Co.

Yes, you and I are no celebrities and at least me no one really wants to see naked. But it is not only about our private parts anymore. It is about everything; everything private.

And people will use it. Because it is so simple, so practical. But the moment their smartphones, their cars, and their fridges, all hooked up to the almighty cloud, turn against them they will cry like babies.

And no, that is not far fetched. In Germany and many others countries, the moment you get in a car accident the police will automatically confiscate your smartphone and courts and insurance companies are already reading out the data your car collects on you and your driving style.

With Health Kit and the upcoming Apple Payment System the combined wet dreams of all spooks will consume even more exorbitant amounts of Kleenex boxes as they already do.

This all is nothing new anymore and no one is allowed anymore to say that they don’t know and yet…

"Es ist so schön, dass wir in den 70ern, 80ern groß geworden sind. Wir haben so viel Mist gebaut und es gibt so gut wie keine Beweise dafür"

— padeluun (@padeluun) September 1, 2014

This is the best tweet commenting the hole story today. A loose translation is:

Thank God we grew up in the 70s and 80s. We did so many stupid things but there is almost no evidence of it.

If I had to grow up nowadays I probably wouldn’t last for one week in school or in general. It is hard enough already. So why do we worsen it by handing over the very last detail, the very last shred of privacy that voluntarily?

You don’t have to be as radical as I am by using an old NOKIA 8210 – which is, by the way, still a great mobile phone – but you really don’t have to be that dewy-eyed and lobotomized, do you?