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Regarding Diary, macOS Sierra, and the Mac App Store

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All of my applications play nice with macOS Sierra; even when macOS Sierra doesn’t play nice with them. All except one, and that one app is Diary.

I’ve tried for months to get an update through the Mac App Store review – to no avail.

Along with macOS Sierra, Apple threw out lots of widely used encryption frameworks in favor of their own – like openSSL – and I’m not allowed to ship my own implementation. In addition, Diary’s encryption ‘code’ is based on Garbage Collection and that also doesn’t work under macOS Sierra anymore either.

So, there is no ‘quick’ fix and if you don’t want to lose all your safely encrypted entries I will have to write something completely new that won’t (can’t) be sold on the Mac App Store.

I’m sorry but there is currently nothing I can do about it but kindly ask you for a little patience with upgrading to macOS Sierra if you already depend on Diary.

Yes, I’d love to tell you that on the App Store as well – but guess what? I’m not allowed to do that either :–(

In addition to removing all my ‘major’ apps from the App Store like so many, many other developers have done in recent years, I will start removing the ‘smaller’ ones as well.

There is no money in it anymore and more importantly, there is no fun left in it.

We’ve got better things to do than bang our heads against the Apple review and guidelines wall every fucking time we want do do something nice for our customers.

Thanks for your understanding!


windOCD Update available - and it is a BIG one!

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windOCD now supports unlimited display setups and work spaces and writing/supporting it was a nightmare…

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You can either let windOCD create and pre-select display setups based on your currently attached displays or you can get a notification when your displays change and select your desired setup on your own.

This way you can even create multiple ‘work spaces’ for the same display setup in case you want to have your windows aligned and restored based on the current work-application-combination.

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In addition – and as requested – you can now also add additional padding for windows. Of course this is only added when and where appropriate.

So, never say I wouldn’t listen :–)

Download windOCD
windOCD Website


windOCD for Multi-Display-Setups

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I’m currently working on a new version of windOCD and it will come with support for Multi-Display-Setups.

This means you will able to align and arrange your windows on any display and you will be able to save default window positions for unlimited display setups so that you don’t have to align all your windows by hand all over again when switching the setup or work places.

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In addition – and as requested – you will also be able to add custom padding between aligned and arranged windows.

So, never say I wouldn’t listen :–)

Currently I have to rewrite everything for this changes since Apple’s Accessibility API is really crude and no fun at all to work with – but since my beloved MenuAndDockless is doomed due to Apple’s recent changes in macOS Sierra I clearly have no choice…

windOCD Website
Download windOCD


windOCD, the MenuAndDockless replacement is available!

windOCD Screenshot Menubar

Oh. No. Windows.
Yes, even when working with a Mac you have to deal with windows all day long.
So, why not just put them in their places?

windOCD Screenshot Shortcuts

One Tool to find them.
Arrange, align, and move all your windows with a snap of the fingers.
No need for a mouse or to open yet another window first.

windOCD Screenshot Applications

One Tool to bring them all.
Clutter is the enemy of any productive work and creativity.
With windOCD you can bind all your windows closely; directly from the start.


Menu bar application
Does not show up in your dock
Native standalone macOS application
No hack, no tweak, no plugins required
Keep your system integrity protection intact

Align, arrange, move any window to your needs
Save default window frames for unlimited applications
Restore those positions/sizes at any time by shortcut or menu
Saved applications can restore those positions/sizes automatically when they start
Use customisable global shortcuts for the alignment, save, and restore actions
Small footprint, works for non-native applications like Photoshop or Word too

Replaces the awesome MenuAndDockless on Macs running macOS Sierra and above

Download windOCD
windOCD Website


Update for SimpleEdit available

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I’ve just released the latest update for SimpleEdit – Your first second text, code & markup editor of choice.

Unfortunately I could only update the non-MAS version since Apple once again screwed up big time with their App Store-Certificates-Bullshit and currently there is nothing I can do about; except waiting for days, weeks, or probably months until they get their heads out of their asses again :–(

Since I’ve had had it with their shit – just drop me a line and with prof that you’ve purchased it on the MAS and I will happily send you a registration code for the non-MAS version.

SimpleEdit Website
Download SimpleEdit
Purchase SimpleEdit


Update for Bill 2 available

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I’ve just released a bug fix and compatibility update for Bill 2.

Since upgrading to 10.11.4 some users experienced hiccups with the ‘DUE, SENT, PAID’ labels. It is working again. And since I already had Xcode and the Bill project open, I fixed some boring other bugs as well.

Bill Website
Download Bill
Purchase Bill


Latest update for the FolderPlayer is available

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Music on a stick. Music in folders; not databases – or just a dead simple music player with hotkeys and without cluttering your Dock – if you feel like it…

FolderPlayer Website
Download FolderPlayer for Mac OS 10.8 and above