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The Remaining Time App for the Touch Bar

So, I guess I’ll finally(*) become a rich man!

(*) by writing the Remaining Time App for the Touch Bar



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All you need to know about the human race


JACK THE CASE, just $79.99!

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I just had the most brilliant idea for a new Kickstarter: JACK THE CASE!

It’s a case with a 3.5 headphone jack for the iPhone 7 and if you fund me it will be available shortly before the new iPhone 8 comes out and it will only cost you a mere $79.99!

So, go and fund me! Right now!


What to Regulate Next

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How to ruin an otherwise damn good phone - or my OnePlus 3 Review

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I don’t get it. No, seriously! I really don’t get it! Neither OnePlus nor, more importantly, all the high praise from all the so called ‘authorities’ on smartphones.

To be fair – AnandTech got it right.

The all new Flagship Killer from OnePlus is a damn good phone completely ruined by a shitty display; and by shitty, I’m being polite.

With an awesome build quality, it’s one of the rare phones nowadays that you actually want to hold in your hands; you just want to love it – but the moment you turn it on you immediately want to bang your head against the … well, the actual phone.

The display is terrible! And I’m not just talking about the resolution here.

They delivered a great phone with a good camera that allows you to save images in DNG format and it was all in vain because all you can use the display for is as a prime example of a shitty display, but not for assessing pictures and not at all for editing them.

Where do I begin? Let me put it this way: I’ve got 50-buck Chinese made phones lying around here that have a better display!

I tried to take pictures that don’t look like I deliberately ruined them, so you can see for yourself; this is the fair balanced I managed to accomplish:

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It’s all washed out, blue shifted as hell, I have problems using the word ‘brightness’ when talking about it and the colors, well – I can’t use that word either.

Anyone that orders 10.000 business cards online for $4.99 would return them if the colors turned out that awful, and the moment you rotate it just two degrees to one side all you see is a blue-greenish blur.

So, why do all the reviews, reviewers, and websites rave on about the OnePlus 3 and only one single person – who then gets booed at – calls it how he sees it?

And that’s the important part. You have to see it. The moment you turn it on.

Does saving a couple of hundred bucks make people really that blind?

It’s such a shame. And I know for a fact that a much better display wouldn’t have cost OnePlus a single dime more – so why the hell did they go with this complete and utter failure of a display?

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I guess they’ve settled, like the rest; just quicker and that’s unfortunate. Or wise, since people clearly don’t seem to care.

Well, I do. Unfortunately for me, I know; since it means I have to return it. And the quest for a really good phone continues…

I’d settle for the OnePlus 3 with the display form of the MI5 in a blink of an eye. That would be the perfect phone for me. I’d also take the iPhone 6S running Android, by the way :–)


Dear Adobe,