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10,000 x One More Thing

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Color me impressed! Apple at its best! Not the first to the playground but when they arrive, they have thought it thru and for the next years to come. The screen size of a smartphone is not that important. It is more important what you put on that screen and how you help all those people creating the things you can access from your screen, no matter if it is three inches, four inches, or five inches wide.

They listened, they focused on the really important stuff, they worked very hard, and once again they had the balls to just change things; like making us all learn a new language.

This has been the first keynote in years I really enjoyed watching and that got me exited about writing software for Mac and iOS once again.

And, of course, Craig was, as always, fun to watch.

So, now I’m eagerly waiting to be able to download my developer previews and to get started.

That’s a first in a couple of years…