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Still the best smartphone of all time


I recently wrote an article about the current state of the iOS/iPhone ‘competitors’ and therefore mobile phone operating systems and mobile (smart) phones and at one point I decided to take a look at the remains of MeeGo and, of course, came across Jolla and Sailfish.

Since I think that they are asking too much for their Jolla Phone that only works with 2G in many countries and still is lacking lots of apps we need on a daily basis, I excluded it from my list.

But it got me thinking about the best smartphone I ever owned: The Nokia N9; one of the rare phones that actually shipped with MeeGo and that can run a developer preview version of Sailfish.

So I went into the basement, dusted it off, and never finished installing Sailfish because I instantly fell in love with it and its operating system, again.

It has its quirks, it is just a little bit too heavy, just a little bit too slow, and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a Nexus 5 or an iPhone 5.

But still … you want to use it, you want to touch it, you want to play around with it, and there are still many people actively writing and supporting apps for it; even though Nokia has officially buried its support for it this year.

For days now I’ve been using it as my main phone and I’m not missing a thing but have gained two additional days of not having to charge it.

If I had the money to ‘create’ my own smartphone, and my own operating system that comes with it, I would use both as the starting point for it; the N9 and MeeGo.

Even though I think that Firefox OS may have the best chances to become a viable alternative one day - I’d choose a MeeGo successor and a N9-ish phone over it in a blink and anytime for myself…