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Dear user - or may I say dear fairytailist?

So, you are a grown up and yet you still believe in fairytales?

What? You don’t? Well, then please explain to me why you still believe in the cloud? With 24/7 sync for all your devices? A, of course, ever-working and free sync without any conflicts or loss of data?

Here’s a bummer for you: That’s a fairytale!

In the last years I’ve wasted months on finding a working solution that offers reliable sync for Mac and iOS and I’m sorry (and I really mean that, since I’d love to have it for myself as well) to say this:

There is not a single, working, reliable and affordable solution out there! Not a single one. And no, I’m not talking about sharing solutions that may work for your single use case.

I’m talking about ‘real’ syncing for ‘real’ data over multiple devices; not about placing some images in the Dropbox and accessing them on the train.

Again: Not a single one. And I’ve tried them all.

Honestly, I don’t know what do do. iCloud is not working. Dropbox (and their new APIs) is not really working as I had to learn the hard way after I first thought it might. And all the other solutions out there are not working as well; as a general solution that will work for the ‘general’ user.

Take Bill for example. I’d love to offer a solution for you to create invoices ‘ToGo’ on the iPhone and iPad without risking data loss, duplicate invoice numbers, and worse.

You may not like it, some of you don’t want to hear it – but there is a reason why Billings got dropped and you have to pay more money for the pro version. And that is the same reason for any other Apps offering ‘sync’ that is more or less working and that is:

They all had to ‘write’ their own (and therefore incompatible) solution just for their own apps. And that costs money, lots of money. Period. And than it costs even more money to support it, since there is no such thing as an ever-working sync; not to talk about servers and security.

Conflict free sync is as rare as a democrat actually voting for the right thing when it counts, or like an unicorn.

So, do you still believe in unicorns?