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The second most important thing to do when setting up a new iPod/iPhone…

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No, no joke this time. This is a ‘serious’ tip, for once: Since almost everyone carries an iPhone around, the moment someone gets a call, an email, or a tweet all people in a room, on a train etc. have to look at their mobile phones until someone finally shouts “It’s me!”

So, one of the most important tasks when setting up a new iPhone is to change the tones. No, seriously, change your stupid tones right now!

To help make the first world less annoying I’ve created a set and since this little blog hasn’t that many readers, chances are you will be the only one in a room or on a train next time…

Download MOApp Ring Tones

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I was (once again) bored – and instead of doing some real work – I created two new ringtone sets; this time they ended up being more like sounds for the next rave but they actually work quite well, at least I think so:

Set 3

The BQ Ringtone Set
The Swung Ringtone Set
The MOApp Ringtones Set 3


And here you will find a set I’ve created for my new favourite phone, the Xiaomi Redmi 3: