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What many, many people expect from iCloud

If you think writing Apps is what developers do most of the time, you’re wrong. Or at least it is wrong for us lone fighters. Answering support emails takes up a lot of our time. Of course, this can be boring, exhausting and often frustrating.

But on the other side you learn a lot and there is a ‘rest’ of contact with your customers, that aren’t ‘your’ customers anymore, thanks to Apple and the App Stores.

You can see general flaws in your Apps, when you receive the same mail over and over again of people not able to do (or understand) a task and you can also ‘see’ the expectations of people not ‘that’ firm with Apple products.

One of the most often asked questions about iCloud is something like this:

How and can i access my saved documents from write 2 in the icloud website?

Write 2 can be replaced with all Apps of mine that have iCloud support build in and I’m pretty sure that other developers receive the same question for their Apps. And it’s a valid question.

But I guess Apple will never allow this. Even though this would be an awesome addition. Currently you even can’t edit iWork documents online. You’ve to download them. And Apple has the resources and the knowledge to built a decent Web App.

But to offer at least viewing and downloading access to third party Apps isn’t something only we developers would love to have. I can tell from my daily support emails…