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FolderPlayer - or: I was once again annoyed

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I really don’t like it and it has nothing to do with Apple-fanboy stupidity but in order to work on and test all my Apps I have to work with and on multiple different Macs. This includes listening to my music.

Have you ever tried to keep your iTunes library in sync on multiple Macs?

One day I just gave up and switched to an iPod.

Have you ever tried to work on iOS Apps while listening to an iPod with headphones attached and at least five iPhones and iPads plugged into the Mac?

Yes? OK. Now add to that an Ollerum constantly lying on the Wacom, the keyboard, and my hands. Not to talk about coffee mugs and all the other stuff.

Got it?

Well, then you probably will be able to image how many ruined cables and headphones I own. And you will also be able to feel my annoyance.

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Since I sometimes have my lightbulb moments, I thought it would help if I just put all my music on a stick and tell all the iTunes copies where the library is located.

Ever tried that and forgot to attach the stick but plugged in a new iOS device? This is also the reason why using the Dropbox is no-good, too. So I gave up on that as well.

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Until yesterday when Ollerum got stuck in all those cables again and ruined yet another pair of headphones. It wasn’t his fault. It was the cables’ fault. And all the cables are clearly Apple’s fault :–)

And then I had an epiphany. If I only had a music player that could play directly from that stick.

A player on a stick!

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And every time there is something missing … all I have to do is open Xcode. And that’s what I did.

No playlists, no fancy ratings. Just tracks in folders and a player that can play those tracks. On a stick. No mess, no duplicates, no missing songs. Just music.

I love it :–)

Download FolderPlayer Alpha (10.8+)