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Informations - or my very first ’successful’ App

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I was just looking at my very first ‘successful’ App; by successful, I mean working and usable. And I know of people who are still using it. It is even working under Mavericks. Its first version was German only, is now almost ten years old, and already offered a lot of features you can now find in Apps like Billings and GrandTotal.

What you won’t find in those Apps, though, are the hilarious English mistakes I used to make back then. Sometimes they still occur – I know…

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In addition, I was also really naïve back then. In some days the MOApp Software Manufactory has its first big anniversary. Ten years and still writing Apps. I don’t know why – but I doubt I’ll be doing that ten years from now.

But who knows? Now that I know that it is Information :–)