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Apple gives a rat’s ass!

It’s nothing new – but recently it got worse; or at least it seems that way to me.

On the App Store there are a handful of great Apps and some more really good games. And then there are the other hundreds of thousands of crappy clones. I call them blatant rip-offs.

Sometimes Apple removes one or two of them on the iOS part of the stores.

Not so on the Mac App Store. There are dozens of ripped off open source Apps with screen shots and/or descriptions of other Apps (like my own Write 2 for example) and all five star ratings are obviously made by the (often Chinese) – sorry, I simply can’t use the word developer here since downloading the hard work of others from GitHub and just changing the name and icon really doesn’t account for writing Apps – person himself.

Don’t get me wrong. We all use GitHub and we use the work of others in our Apps. Often we’ve asked upfront and we pay credit. But there are levels to it. Or better, there are only two: OK and NOT OK. Period.

If you contact Apple in the hopes that they will care, all they do is delete the ratings. But the App will still be available and that developer person won’t be banned.

Hey, as long as they still earn their thirty to forty percent – why bother?


If I ‘use’ as little as one of your copyrighted names illicitly, it doesn’t take a day for my App to get banned or for me to receive a nice email from your legal department. Is it too much to ask to extend the same courtesy to those who actually invest their time and money in those Apps, and those who actually (directly) earned over two billion for you on the stores in the first place?

And yes, you’ve to review a lot of Apps – I get that. And you earn so little from our hard work that you can’t hire more people. I feel you. But it can’t be that hard to assign two part-time interns that help to sort out the bad seeds; and is it really that hard to react in a professional and decent way to infringement claims?

It’s nothing more than a rude slap in every real developer’s face if you just delete the ratings and continue to cash in your share.

Seriously – what’s wrong with you, Apple?

What is the saying about decency, respect, and how you should treat others?

I think it had to do with leaving a room how you found it or with not shitting where you want to do business – or something like that.

Well, if you ask me, your App Stores have started to smell like a toilet on a Deutsche Bahn ICE between Berlin and Munich on a Friday evening in August a long time ago.