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Regarding Diary, macOS Sierra, and the Mac App Store

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All of my applications play nice with macOS Sierra; even when macOS Sierra doesn’t play nice with them. All except one, and that one app is Diary.

I’ve tried for months to get an update through the Mac App Store review – to no avail.

Along with macOS Sierra, Apple threw out lots of widely used encryption frameworks in favor of their own – like openSSL – and I’m not allowed to ship my own implementation. In addition, Diary’s encryption ‘code’ is based on Garbage Collection and that also doesn’t work under macOS Sierra anymore either.

So, there is no ‘quick’ fix and if you don’t want to lose all your safely encrypted entries I will have to write something completely new that won’t (can’t) be sold on the Mac App Store.

I’m sorry but there is currently nothing I can do about it but kindly ask you for a little patience with upgrading to macOS Sierra if you already depend on Diary.

Yes, I’d love to tell you that on the App Store as well – but guess what? I’m not allowed to do that either :–(

In addition to removing all my ‘major’ apps from the App Store like so many, many other developers have done in recent years, I will start removing the ‘smaller’ ones as well.

There is no money in it anymore and more importantly, there is no fun left in it.

We’ve got better things to do than bang our heads against the Apple review and guidelines wall every fucking time we want do do something nice for our customers.

Thanks for your understanding!