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SSL killed the Flip Phone Star

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Back in the day ™, when we still could push buttons, when our phones lasted for three weeks in a row and they still fit nicely in our trousers’ pockets – no one ever had heard of forced SLL and IMAP wasn’t widely used either.

Back then ™, we used to fetch our plain text emails over POP just to have problems reading them on our tiny displays.

Ah ™, the good old days! I’ve owned the best flip phone of all time for almost a decade now. In this decade Saab has gone down the drain, BlackBerry has gone down the drain, as well as RSS, Loewe and Porn. But the original battery in my phone still lasts for two weeks and one could still use it for all the things a phone once was meant to be used for:

Dialing a pizza delivery service, calling the AAA or your local drug dealer, sending your other woman a text, and checking your few emails while being out and about.

And the came Snowden and rendered all those perfectly good phones obsolete. They didn’t die because of Seamless, WhatsApp, and Tinder – they died in next to no time because of the enforced SSL. Many of those ‘old phones’ were perfectly capable of sending and receiving emails, some of them even supported SSL but they all failed to handle the new certificates properly. It didn’t help that providers still offering POP, IMAP, and SMTP without SSL became endangered species.

By accident, I recently stumbled across one that still offers it, even for your own domains; given that you can edit your MX records.

I even danced the jig with Ollerum on my shoulders.

PolarisMail will cost you a dime or two but their support is actually pretty good and for some it might not be about their beloved RAZR. Some of us still need SMTP without SSL for printers, fax machines, an alarm and all the other otherwise perfectly fine machinery.