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Clippings - The cute clipboard manager with long-term memory.

LogEngine ImageI finally got around to update the old and to free it from the Mac App Store where Apple did not allow me to update it because of the Sandbox restrictions.

Clippings 2.0 now stores – besides the clipping itself – the application in question and a time stamp, which makes it much easier to find clippings days and weeks later and this also allows for a setting to suppress storing passwords.

And since there is no money to make from such small – but very useful – tools anymore, it’s also gone free. Never say I don’t have a soft spot for freeloaders though :–)

Download Clippings 2.0 for Mac OS 10.10 and above

Clippings is a tiny app that keeps all your text clippings in one place so, no matter whether you’re creating a new, totally awesome website or putting the finishing touches to your exam or compiling a terrific article that combines all sorts of findings/sources and interviews.

What steals most of your time while doing so and that is no fun at all is the eternal search for recently used passages from texts, code snippets, most recently used phrases, whole pages or a quotation you just copied a few days ago.

MOAppsClippings is designed for ease-of-use and most important of all: speed! It won’t store yesterdays breakfast toast - but the much more useful remaining 99 percent.

Words, Phrases, Numbers, Paragraphs and Texts…

It won’t slow down, hang or crash. Even with thousands of stored clippings. You can paste a recently used clipping into an active window, view or field with two simple steps and in less than a second. If you like you can also re-use your clippings by drag-and-drop - which makes much sense if you need to insert multiple clippings.

Clippings will automatically auto-save its changes. You might forget to pay your utility bill, but your clippings are save!


  • Stores up to 100,000 Clippings
  • iTunes-like Search for Clippings
  • Edit Clippings Afterwards
  • Drag-and-drop Multiple Clippings
  • Menubar App
  • Very Small Footprint
  • Global Hotkey
  • Clippings are Auto-saved in Background

Download Clippings 2.0 for Mac OS 10.10 and above