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MOApp Apps and El Capitan

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Yes, I’ve been busy the last couples of months. I’ve mainly been working on the new version of Umsatz (ookkeeaapp) – but, of course, I’ve also been working on my other apps and already submitted and published a lot of compatibility updates so that you can use my apps without any problems under Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) when it is released in the next few days/weeks.

Here is an (always up-to-date) overview:

Umsatz Pro 2015 updated/ready
Umsatz Standard 2015 updated/ready
Umsatz Mini 2015 updated/ready
Umsatz Mikro 2015 (MAS) updated/ready
Bill 2 updated/ready
ookkeeaapp ready
Passwords updated/ready
Free updated/ready
Quick and Dirty updated/ready
Write 2 updated/ready
SimpleEdit updated/ready
CocoaBox updated/ready
SecureWords updated/ready
THE TICKER updated/ready
Pin updated/ready
Steps updated/ready
Colors/Colors PRO ready
TypeTeach updated/ready
TypeDrill updated/ready

All others apps have been tested and are working under 10.11.

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