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When using an Apple Thunderbolt Display it is very simple to adjust the brightness of it. But when using a display from another vendor – for example when you have hooked up a 4K display to your Mac – you usually have to dig into the more or less usable menu from the display or you are forced to use tiny, hidden buttons on the backside of the 34″ monitor etc. And if your are using a Hackintosh you often can’t change the brightness at all.

Or you could just use DimmrApp to adjust (reduce) the brightness. And yes, I know that there are one or two other apps out there that will do the same. But DimmrApp comes with a nifty additional feature:

With DimmrApp you can also adjust the Gamma/Coloring of the display; meaning you can mimic reading on yellowish paper and change the contrast even when the display is already dimmed down. This way you can minimize the stress on your eyes and it helps you to better focus on reading, writing, and coding when all the other people are asleep…

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