10 Years of Making Apps

A Pro Tip for Celebrities with iPhones

Well, taking nude pics I get. I even get why people store them on iCloud and Co. The part that I really don’t get is this:

Why the hell do you use accounts in your own name for that or accounts/account names that make it really easy for idiots to link them back to you?

You’ve got publicists and all the other overpaid people around you. Are they not able to do their jobs? Are they not telling/teaching you the fundamentals?

Maybe you should fire them all and then just listen to me!

Done? OK, here is your first lesson. Please repeat after me:

I will not store more or less nice pictures of my boobs and all my other parts on iCloud and if I really have to do that, for God’s sake, I will use an account no one can link back to me.

Update for Quick and Dirty available

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I totally forgot to tell you that Apple had approved the latest version of Quick and Dirty – The less than five-second image editor – a couple of days ago.

This update adds full support for the upcoming Mac OS 10.10 and optimizes the use of the GPU. It will only trigger the loud and battery draining graphics card on MacBooks when it is really necessary. Otherwise the fan- and battery friendly graphics card will be used.

Of course, I’ve done lots of other boring stuff under the hood…

Quick and Dirty Website
Quick and Dirty on the Mac App Store

Dear Human Being,

It is actually very simple:

If you want me to take you seriously, act accordingly!

That’s all it takes.

A Bill 2 Sneak Peek

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There are two things I am fairly good at. I can listen and I can write software. In combination those skills make for decent apps. That’s why the upcoming Bill 2 will feature templates for invoices so that sending out recurring invoices is done in a blink and it will come with the option to change the invoice design on the fly without fiddling with the Preferences.

Both features require the database to be updated which sounds trivial but when the Mac App Store with its sandboxing restrictions is involved it is everything but. And, of course, it has to work for four different versions of OS X. And since 10.10 comes with a lot of fundamental changes, not only under the hood but for the GUI as well, this update is to be considered a big one.

And yes, I’ve also changed the way you can directly see that status of an invoice since many of you complained that it was hard to see in Bill 1 and dome lots of other things to help make your lives much easier.

As always, users will be able to update for a reduced price and if you purchased it after March 1, 2014 you will get the update for free and this also applies for the Mac App Store Version. All you will have to do is to drop me a line and you will either receive a new license code or a redeem code for the Mac App Store.

I should be finished with Bill 2 within the next couple of weeks so that you will be able to earn your money in style under Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) as well…

Bill Website
Download Bill 1

The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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The MUST READ for today

What had never occurred to me, until I sat in front of his open email account, is how objectionable I find that attitude. Every one of us is entrusted with information that our family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances would rather that we kept private, and while there is no absolute obligation for us to comply with their wishes—there are, indeed, times when we have a moral obligation to speak out in order to defend other goods—assigning the privacy of others a value of zero is callous.

This Man Has Nothing to Hide—Not Even His Email Password

Why I currently (and once again) hate Apple

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I know, there are many developers out there that give a shit about those details; many of them write apps for Windows and Linux or work for Adobe but many Mac developers, besides me, care. UI elements have to be aligned pixel perfect.

Often I spend hours in front of an UI rearranging elements, checking them with goldenRATIO and xScope, moving buttons and views a thousand times until it is perfect.

And then comes Apple and all your work is down the toilet. The worst thing is, I can now either leave it that way so that it will still work under 10.7 – 10.9 or I can decide that it only works under 10.10 and all the other users are screwed. And no, working with two NIBs or adjusting each and every view based on the used system is not an option.

Thanks Apple for making it unnecessarily complicated, once again…

The (almost) Daily Ollerum

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Update for SimpleEdit with improved support for Swift available

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I’ve just uploaded a new version of SimpleEdit with improved support for Swift and, of course, also submitted the Mac App Store counterpart for review at the same time…

SimpleEdit Website
Download SimpleEdit
SimpleEdit on the Mac App Store

The (multiple) Ollerum

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FolderPlayer for Yosemite

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I’ve just uploaded the latest version of my FolderPlayer with added support for the latest OS X Yosemite Developer Preview…

FolderPlayer Website
Download FolderPlayer

Yosemite Retina Wallpapers

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Yosemite Retina Wallpaper 1

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Yosemite Retina Wallpaper 6

MenuAndDockless for Yosemite Alpha

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Today Apple released the latest Developer Preview of Mac OS 10.10, also know as Yosemite. Unfortunately it causes problems for the most important piece of software of mine:


It works for all apps except for the Finder. The moment you restart the Finder it will crash. The last couples of hours I tried to understand what the heck is going on and to find a way how to fix it. To be honest, I still don’t completely know why :-0

If you like you can download a very first and very quick and very, very dirty solution. You will have to manually drop it into your SIMPL plugins folder for now…

Download MenuAndDockless for 10.10 (Alpha)